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Fibre Optics

Lorenz Electronic Lectern & Digital Podium


Lorenz Electronic Lectern (LZ-MW9)

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The Lorenz The digital podium can be utilized to control all devices in the classroom, such as: IWB (Interactive Board), TV, DVD, AC Receiver, Air Conditioner, Home theater Media center PC, projector, Curtain, Lighting, Screen. other that devices can be resisted for use.

The switched on the operating panel are centrally arranged to enable one-touch operation and interfacing of the devices to increase user-friendliness




-Ergonomically designed user interface

-Lift controller for various customers

-Easy moving with special steel-material wheel

-Monitor angle adjustment function

-The effective lesson through wire / wireless microphones

-High-quality Goose-neck microphones (Low howling noise)

-Control all multimedia devices in classroom by the convenient integration controller

-The superstructure composed with 22"LED writablemonitor and secondary monitor

-Use in university, International school or meeting conference room



  • Material:                    High quality metallic material

  • Monitor:                     Interactive tablet monitor in 22"

  • Monitor Mount:        Manually adjust the angle of monitor

  • Computer:                 Integrated Computer System- CPU Core i3/i5/i7 III/IV Gen, 2/4/8 GB RAM, 500GB/1TB SATA HDD

  • Accessories:              OS, key Board and Mouse etc

  • Connectivity:             Input/Output Port - USB, XLR, VGA In & Out, HDMI In & Out, Audio In & Out, LAN, Power Socket

  • Control:                     RS-232 and Central Power Control with desired number of power output plugs

  • Space:                        Drawer for Document Camera

  • Controller:                Manages PC, projector, electric screen, alarm devices, IP camera and motorized screen etc

  • Ease:                          Mouse hole and keyboard tray for better user experience

  • Security:                    All drawers, sliding trays and doors are lockable

© Lorenz is registered trademark of Blazeguard Engineered Fire Systems

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