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Response, Responsibility, Relationship (R³)

Client Partnership that works.

Because customer experience is at the heart of everything we do, our solutions are informed by measurable outcomes that ensure your success. We take a long term, collaborative approach to client engagement and set unequivocal standards for delivering outstanding results.

Any of the Solution and services, it can be  Audio Video systems for Conference rooms, Board Rooms, Huddle Rooms, Video Walls, Projector, Smart Class, Interactive Displays, Microphones, Thermal Imaging, Temperature Check, every thing is taken care of by our Best After Sales Service team of Engineers, Technicians and Managers. Keeping our R3 principle (Response, Responsibility & Relationship Principle) in our minds, We Strategise, Design, Integrate and Maintain. 


From the outset, We consult with clients to understand their technology requirements. Strategy and engagement all starts with communication. We consider ourselves to be experts in our field, which is solely due to our passion around products, technology and the services we help our clients choose through education based off our extensive experience.

The fundamentals of audio visual standards mixed with innovation and the consideration of room functionality are all taken into consideration by our team. Our responsibility is to determine the best technology required to deliver solutions based on what people need, married with improved business outcomes.


Design is often a journey of discovery as we take people through what is possible. Designing a system does not revolve around the individual products in the space, but rather the needs and the uses in the space by all individuals. The design plays such a key role in the development of the functionality of each room.  Our end design is achieved through communication and further discussion aimed at defining a scope, supported by a functional brief, matched to the business budget.

We use our knowledge and expertise to assess the system design, aesthetics and overall infrastructure to provide value-focused and effective solutions.

Our design is not just about how a solution looks, but just as importantly, how it works and what it achieves. We do this to make sure the system works to the client’s needs and is appropriate for the environment.

As part of our design process, we provide accurate drawings and schematics which are essential to the smooth running of a quality installation. Whether the requirement is for cable schedules, rack layouts, as-built drawings or any other CAD requirements, our own in-house resource provide this service.

The systematic process of professionally delivering a solution which accurately reflects the vision and expectations of stakeholders.

Project Management:

Our professionally qualified Project Managers are the key to making sure projects are completed on time, to budget and that the finished solution meets the highest quality standards. Our Project Managers remain on-hand throughout, providing the necessary liaison and coordination. They are experienced at working comfortably with other trades such as builders or architects.


We send qualified technicians to cable and install equipment on-site. Whether the installation is large or small, the right team will be allocated to ensure it is carried out properly. The company’s approach to testing equipment before installation has been proven to minimise on-site disruption and reduces complications.


To ensure systems are easy to operate, We have in-house engineers will program touch panels to provide user friendly menus. These panels not only replace individual remote controls, but can also control lighting and be linked to room booking systems.


It is one thing for your IT staff to know how to use the technology, but are they the key staff using the space? Most of the time, it is staff who aren’t as familiar with the technology, aren’t as confident with it and therefore often call on others to assist them, which can easily have been prevented.

Not only do we offer on-site training before the Go Live date, we also offer unlimited refresher training on demand.

This means that if you have new staff, or staff that missed initial training, our expert staff can come in and show them the full functionality of the technology.

For peace of mind, we also provide a go-live concierge for your first day in the new space. This means that if there are any questions or confusion, someone is there to help.

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