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Complete FIDS & Digital Signage Solutions

Turnkey Visual Communications Solutions

Complete FIDS & Digital Signage Solutions.

From screens to content design, we deliver a complete solution so you can go live on day one.

Solution Features:

Digital displays.

LED displays and video walls.Touch-screen displays and kiosks. Custom displays.

Flexible signage platforms.

On-Premise or cloud hosted. PC, Chrome or appliance players. Scalable & secure systems.

HTML5 & Web Content

Bring your custom HTML5 content to life on an interactive touch kiosk, or just schedule dynamic web content of your choice.

RSS & Live Data Feeds

Display live feeds from anywhere in the world, from simple news tickers to intranet portal content. From live weather icons to complex server statistics, we can show you how to visualize nearly any form of data that’s important to your school.

Show any type of content.

The only limit is your imagination. Upload and schedule everything from documents to interactive 3D maps.


Display images of any format and size, with text overlays, transition effects, and automatic slideshow features.


Display images of any format and size, with text overlays, transition effects, and automatic slideshow features.

Interactive Maps and Content

Make campus navigation a breeze with interactive wayfinding maps. You can even make content and directions downloadable to visitor devices.

Engage. Inform. Connect.

Our digital signage solutions for education helps provide dynamic visual content to staff & visitors on displays and devices.

With the ability to broadcast multimedia, live news feeds and web-based content, digital signage offers a simple and effective solution when it comes to keeping the school community informed. From simple slideshows to advanced interactive wayfinding, we offer a number of different digital signage solutions tailored for education.

On any type of display
From simple flat panel displays to immersive video walls and 3D projection, we work with you to identify an appropriate display solution for each digital sign’s location.

We understand that different spaces require their own visual solution. Our team of digital signage experts will consult with you to find the right displays – size, resolution, brightness and all of the other factors that ensure an outstanding result.

Interactive wayfinding.
Make area navigation a breeze. Show live directions to places and events.

Digital signage adds value across your airport with targeted display communication, digital advertising, wayfinding, and much more. We provide comprehensive digital signage solution, and the perfect complement to your FIDS display software. With data integration for 70+ sources, interactive and touch compatibility, design and network management tools, plus smart solutions for System-on-Chip support, context-driven data sharing, and presentation control with Viewer Variables, it’s everything you need to create dynamic digital displays.

Digital Menu Boards Teaching
Drive sales with smart, responsive digital signage boards to promote products based on weather, inventory, or wait and prep time.

The data-driven approach to digital menu boards that will change how you create menus. Our software allows you to develop smart and dynamic menu boards, programmed to respond to real-time events like time of day. You will be able to create engagement and drive sales. Once setup, it automatically updates menus to reflect the weather or even product availability. Integrate sensors and data to update menus based on crowd, wait-times, or link menus to events or guests –promoting relevant offerings has never been easier.

Retail Spaces
Drive revenue with targeted display communication in your shops

Do more with displays across shops and stores with truly smart digital signage. We leverages your data, products, and the power of internet and social media to interact with shoppers, offer value, and drive sales. Whether you’re selling in a single store or installing signage across a range of locations, We offers a complete set of digital signage software solutions to create beautiful, smart, and value-added displays.

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