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Lorenz Professional 4K LED Displays from 55" - 86"


Satisfying you need of LED Displays for any application


Lorenz (LZ-UH86)

LZ-UH86 Ultra HD LED Display

  • Large 86” Screen with Ultra HD Resolution

  • Wide Viewing Angle with IPS Panel

  • PBP (Picture by Picture) / PIP (Picture in Picture)

  • Small Object Touch

  • Intuitive Touch

  • 20 Point Multi-Touch


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Ideal for Large Conference Room Display Application

Advanced video conferencing solution; one click and get started with your “face-to-face” meeting. Support almost every VC platform available in the Market. Outstanding configuration is specially designed for multi-parties HD video conference. Remote collaboration eliminates the space limitation

VC CAM.png
Optional Video Conferencing Camera

Built-in HD Triple Cameras System, Left + Right + Top to give you insights into details

Camera distribution creates broader horizon. Top built-in camera brings you deeper vision. Cameras coordinated with microphones to locate sound resource, and intelligent screen switching.

Optional Six Built-in Array Microphones

Six built-in smart array microphones provided with auditory localisation system, 2.1 channel stereo,
and intelligent equaliser system to restore real human voice. The Array microphones are capable enough to catch the voice from a distance of 25 feet. Smart ambient noise filtration with Automatic gain according to the distance

 4K Ultra HD Anti-glare Display

4K Ultra HD large display with ultra-slim bezel on double sides deliver wider vision and better immersive experience, Anti-glare technology assures the sharpness of imagines, even in the bright environment. Only 19mm thin and flat appearance, make your workspace neat and superior.Exquisite appearance, and stunning immersive sharp images, making it a perfect match for your superior offices, training Rooms etc. Available in 55", 65",75", 86" and 98" sizes.

Fluent Intelligent writing experience

P-cap and EMR combined touch technology creates 0.04s response time and brings you fluent and instantaneous writing experience. 1024 levels pressure sensitivity offers pixel-perfect precision and unmatched versatility. Dual-pen and Dual-color writing, matched with innovative graphic intelligent recognition technology, table insertion and smart gesture control simplifies your work.

Free annotation records your inspiration

Annotation is available at any interface to record your inspiration.
When playing PPT, your annotation can be created in every page and easily saved. Double-directional operation creates flexible and efficient interaction while screen mirroring.

03 (1).jpg
Convenient saving and sharing the Minutes of Meeting Records

Annotation is available at any interface to record your inspiration.
When playing PPT, your annotation can be created in every page and easily saved.

Multi-screen interaction eliminates the cable limitation

Provides you convenient connection and presentation. You can share photos and documents on the big screen wirelessly through PC, smartphones, and tablets.Control the big screen at your seat with mobile devices. Every presentation and communication experience is beyond imagination. Free multi-terminals connection can be achieved on PC or mobile device with Wireless Screen Sharing Dongle and related software, supporting up to 4 devices mirroring simultaneously. Real time mirroring
with fluidity and stability

Wireless Omni Directional Microphone with Speaker for Larger Rooms application

360° highly sensitive omnidirectional wireless microphone for Larger Room, with a 15 feet coverage radius. easy to talk without sitting. Built-in high-performance large dynamic speakers, combined with intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms, effectively reduce conference background noise and harsh noises; adopt PZM structure design to improve sound clarity and bring a high-quality voice experience. Upto eight hours use battery life, Supports wireless charging to meet the needs of meetings anytime, anywhere. 

Speaker blur.jpg

Bluetooth Speakerphone for Teleconferencing

360° Omnidirectional Voice Pickup | Crystal Clear Sound Effect | Wireless Charging | 8-hour Playtime

Optional Smart Wireless Podium with Annotation PC

The Smart Podium lectern is an interactive 21.5 " all-inclusive display that will enhance your corporate brand as it has full collaboration and annotation capabilities. This powerful solution includes a device with wireless connectivity and a built-in microphone that can be transmitted to a large screen. So it is ideal for conferences, presentations, technology presentation events, in short, presentations of all kinds. The presenter collaborates interactively while still looking at the audience. The height can be adjusted by motorised mechanism controlled just with press of a button, No wiring required even for power as it comes with 6 hours battery backup.


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